• Chia Seeds (Available in 250g)

    Nutritional Information
    Typical values per 100g Typical values per 100g
    Energy 486 cal Fat 31g
    Protein 17g of which saturates 3.3g
    Carbohydrates 42g Fibre 34g
    of which sugars trace Sodium 16mg
    1,240.00 /Kg
  • Chironji (Available in 250g)

    The Seeds: The main constituent of seeds are Albuminoids, Oil and Starch. The seeds oral intake increases strength. It is good for heart. Seeds reduces kapha/phlegm inside body. They also decreases vata and pitta.

    1,300.00 /Kg
  • Muskmelon Seeds (Available in 250g)

    Muskmelon seeds are incredibly rich in anti-oxidants as well as Vitamins A, C, and E. This is actually great for your eyesight as Vitamin A, C, and also E assist in preventing macular degeneration within the eyes. The antioxidants within the seeds keep the blood cholesterol levels under check and in addition reduce the chance of cancer. Vitamin C within the seeds is additionally extremely effective in eliminating off cold and flu by increasing your defense mechanisms.

    760.00 /Kg
  • Pumpkin Seeds (Available in 250g)

    Pumpkin seeds are a good, easily transportable snack which don’t have to be kept in the fridge, so you can keep them at work or carry them around with you. Additionally they offer several incredible health advantages too from boosting your immune system to keeping you calm.

    1,700.00 /Kg
  • Sunflower Seeds (Available in 250g)

    Sunflower seeds are extremely lower in cholesterol as well as sodium, therefore safeguard your heart. These seeds are a fantastic source of vitamin B6, thiamin, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese and selenium, and therefore are rich in vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol). To maintain your daily nutrition upright, you need to opt for these seeds. Sunflower seeds may also be very good for the digestion and brain health.

    1,240.00 /Kg
  • Watermelon Seeds (Available in 250g)

    While the sweet and juicy watermelon is full of nutrition, did you know that the seeds of this fruit are also beneficial? A rich source of iron, potassium, and vitamins, these seeds are great for your health, skin and hair. So, chew on the watermelon seeds or use their oil, the next time you gorge on this fruit.

    540.00 /Kg